A & B Canvas Australia is Closing

After nearly 75 years of various incarnations A & B Canvas Australia will be closing permanently 31/01/2023.

Born Hugo Fisher in Subiaco, Western Australia in the 1950’s (earliest records we found are 1956) A & B Canvas has been covering and protecting Western Australia with custom manufactured canvas, leather, PVC and other specialty textiles.

Over the years we have proudly won numerous industry and business awards both in Australia and Internationally.

We have saved lives with our fire protective products and helped the industries of our great state prosper.

But as they say all good things must come to an end.


A & B Canvas Australia Clearance Auction

We have cleared out the store room, cleaned out under the benches and called in Ross’s Auctions to help clear the factory.

Our Auction is well under way and is running in 2 parts

Click the link below to enter.

Part A          https://auctions.com.au/auctions/2023/01/13/ab-canvas-australia-business-closure-online-auction.html#catalogue

Part B          https://auctions.com.au/auctions/2023/01/13/ab-canvas-australia-business-closure-part-b-online-auction.html#catalogue

Part A

Auction Closes 6:30 PM Wednesday 18th Jan


LOTS 1-50 CLOSE AT 6.30



Part B

Auction Closes 7:30 PM Wednesday 18th Jan


LOTS 210-250 CLOSE AT 7.30




Available are the raw materials, machinery to manufacture and finished goods, all going up for auction From 13th to 18 of January 2023.

  • Textiles - Canvas, PVC

  • Fireproof Fabrics

  • Leather and Leather goods

  • Sewing Machines

  • PVC Welders Aprons

  • Tools

  • Transport Curtains (+Spares) and Tarps

  • Canvas Bags

  • Ready Made Covers

  • Fixtures, Fasteners and Buckles

  • Windsocks

  • All lots have exceptional value

Inspection available onsite at 12-14 Hodgson Way, Kewdale, WA,

12 - 4pm on Monday the 16th,

9am - 4pm Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th of January


Come by and take a look I will happily offer advice on any lot.