Tarpaulin, Tarpaulins, Tarp & Tarps

Tarpaulin, Tarpaulins, Tarp & Tarps,

However you refer to them it’s all about protecting something.

Heavy duty tarpaulins for transport, roof tarps, a tarpaulin to cover a trailer, every where you go there you’ll find a tarp.

This is the start of me bringing to the world all you will ever need to know about tarps, and covers and the industrial textiles they are made from, such as canvas, PVC, polyethylene to name but a few.

This will lead to the creation of white papers or consumer guides to the canvas industry. I will be covering such subjects as: tarpaulin construction, uses and how to choose the right tarp for the right job. Curtainsiders, all you need to know. Chemical resistance of industrial textiles. Shadesail how to DIY. Awnings and tension structures. and the list goes on.

I look forward to feedback, advice and questions. I listen to people everyday at my factory in Kewdale, (Perth) and help solve there tarp requirements so by getting your frustrations, your questions and your needs you will help make these reports more valuable to everyone.

See our web-page @ www.canvasaustralia.com.au

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