What Canvas is Best for My Tarpaulin?

Man has been using textiles to protect ourselves since the beginning. It was like fire, basic tools then protection. it started by weaving fronds and grasses together and has advanced to some highly specialised textiles that we use today.

Through all the years and the development of textile canvas still remains the best product to use.

tarp_cornerThe most common type of canvas to use for a general tarpaulin is 12oz poly/cotton.

If it is a truck tarp you want then you must have a Rip-Stop canvas. There are two types of Rip-Stop canvas that we recommend:

10440 – Waterproof and rot resistant, medium weight fabric designed for use
in tarpaulins with the added strength of two way Ripstop.
End use recommendations for medium to heavy duty road transport

32411 – Exceptionally strong canvas containing high strength core-spun yarn

Cap Tarp

Ripstop Canvas Tarpaulin

in the body of the fabric as well as two way Ripstop woven in.
Waterproof and rot resistant.
Premium quality fabric for heavy-duty tarpaulin used in road transport.

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