Half Price Tarpaulins- Australian Quality – How can we do it?

At A & B Canvas Australia we have available, in stock, ready-made canvas tarpaulins waiting for your need. They are manufactured to all the same standards that we would make them in house but they are half the price.

How could we do this? Half price canvas tarps?

Well unfortunately it costs a lot of money to make things in Australia.

In Perth  we concentrate our production on the highly skilled, custom, complicated covers and protective products.The products that require the skills that we have built by training our people for the 50 years we have been doing this.

But a tarpaulin is not such a high skill item, mind you not anyone can sew a tarp. So we have set-up our own manufacturing in India. We are using the same canvas, the same thread, the same eyelets and we are even using the same machinery that we use here in our factory in Perth but the skilled labour is a whole lot cheaper and this enables us to bring to you the half price tarp.

  • Same great qualities as you have come to expect from A & B Canvas Australia.
  • Same great service that makes our customers keep on coming back.
  • Same great guarantee that we give to all of manufactured products,

Because we do still manufacture it to our standards, our quality –  just not here!

Not only are they half priced tarpaulins but canvas tarps and it doesn’t get better than that!

The best product in the world to make a tarpaulin out of is canvas and the best canvas is proofed the Australian way.

This is well known the world over, ask anyone who knows industrial textiles and they will tell you

Canvas is:

  • Strong
  • Light weight
  • Waterproof
  • Natural
  • It breathes
  • Sustainable
  • Long lasting
  • Not full of nasty chemicals

But not all canvas is equal, there needs to be the right blend of cotton and polyester to give the canvas all of these traits.

Too much cotton and the canvas needs to be very heavy to have the strength, not enough and it won’t be waterproof.

Quality canvas is woven a certain way for strength.

It needs to be coloured and have waterproofing and mildew resistant elements added and all this needs to done in a way that these components are forced into the fabric not just scraped across the top.

Cheap canvases are what they call sulphur dyed and are not treated for waterproofing and UV stability.

This means the canvas will rot, fade and leak within a relatively short time. Mind you they will still outlast those cheap hardware store tarps.

The best canvas is:

  • Woven with cotton and polyester
  • Woven with a ring spun yarn
  • Proofed to Australian standards
  • Immersion coated not blade coated

This is why you can’t just go out and buy a quality canvas tarpaulin off the shelf, until now.

A & B Canvas Australia use only the best quality raw materials so that you the customer get a quality product.

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