Shade Sails – More than a piece of shadecloth

Shade Sails Hypar

School Yard Shade Sail Karratha

The recent increase in the popularity of shade sails and PVC tension products has brought with it an expediential increase in the number of companies designing and installing shade in the Perth region. Unfortunately a lot of these so called shade sail companies are not following proper design and engineering practices resulting in a lot of installations out there that look great but don’t actually provide proper shade and are potential disasters waiting to happen (there are plenty  of shadesails out there that don’t even look good!).

In the past few years we have experienced a marked increase in the number of repairs we are doing on shade sails. Shadesails made by other companies that the client will openly admit are either, no longer in business, don’t have the back-up or the client never wants to see them again. For this reason we have invested 100’s of hours in learning all there is to know about shadesails. Engaging architects, engineers and international experts in the shade sail industry,  training in the correct design and manufacturing principals and today we are able to offer a comprehensive guarantee on all of our sails, from the stitching and componentry,  right down to the sail giving you the shade you want. Most guarantees out there are only a transfer of risk to the shadecloth (raw material) company, being on the UV breakdown of the shadecloth only!!

Our training and positioning has allowed us to become the Go-To people for our industry as well as our clients, and this is how A & B Canvas Australia can be of assistance to you.

A & B Canvas Australia can offer a complete package.

We will:

  • Design, Manufacture and Install Shade Sails.

    Shade Sail Engineering

    Typical Engineering Specifications for Shade Sail Poles

  • Design, Manufacture and Install Tension Structures.
  • Manufacture and Install Outdoor Awnings and Blinds.
  • Design Consultation.
  • Damage assessment.
  • Repair service for all textile product, including removal and re-installation.
  • Anything with a needle and thread!

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